Q&A Energy and Chakras

The Light of Consciousness

Q: Can harnessing a variety of cognitive and emotional tools help balance the third eye chakra?

A: Cognitive and emotional tools are all good for all chakras. One doesn’t balance a chakra but you can work toward balancing all 7 chakras by being healthy mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Each individual chakra’s rotation can often be improved, when there is ill health in any or all of the aspects mentioned above the corresponding chakra might not rotate at the proper speed, or the rotation may not be circular, but more like rotating in an oval. When something is off with the individual it is reflected in their energy field and chakras. So anything we can do, tools and skills to be healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually will also be reflected in the energy field and chakras. We have to work on ourselves psychologically processing past trauma and abuse in order to remove blockages in the energy field.

Q: What is an aura?

A: The Aura is the energy field surrounding the physical body. To clairvoyant vision it is composed of colors that reflect the person’s current mental and emotional state and the state of their physical health. It also reflects to those who can see it, things about the person that are more general. Some people may ask “what color is my aura?” but the answer will only reflect their current momentary state of mind and emotion as it changes. The aura is the densest around the head and shoulders which is the easiest to see if you are trying to see it. There is a device that was invented years ago called a “Super Quantum Interference Device (S.Q.I.D.) that can measure the energy field (aura) around the head and shoulders.

Q: Is your 3rd eye a part of your senses? Can someone explain senses to me?

A: It is Extra Sensory Perception. It is a sense just not a physical sense with a physical organ. For example: Physical Eyes = sight, 3rd eye = clairvoyance, which mean “clear seeing” which means being able to see things about the past, present or future without the use of the physical eyes which are limited to what is currently in their vision. The 3rd eye, extra sensory perception is not limited by time or space. It is non-local awareness.

Q: Why do temporary changes in eyesight and hearing experience in meditation or later on?

A: Everyone’s symptoms seem to be different so it is difficult to know. However I’ll take a try to answer. Each chakra is connected to a gland. So as your energy changes and your aura grows bigger and stronger changes do happen, some permanent and some temporary. It is often the body adjusting to the new and increased energy. I often have the sound of thunder in one or both ears. I see lights and colors every day. Activating the brow chakra stimulates the senses and we become more sensitive to the energy around us. Our physical health can be seen in changes in the aura and chakras and vice versa, changes in energy flow can affect health. One doctor I know sent out an questionnaire and in the results it showed that many people with an awakened Kundalini had auto immune disorders like arthritis, more than in the general population. Why? The answer is unknown. As a healer, I was sent a client who had had vision changes. She had had many medical tests, but the doctors found nothing wrong with her eyes. I asked her what she saw that she was concerned about and as she began to describe it I interrupted her to finish her sentence, not to be rude but to show her I knew exactly what it was. I laughed and said “There is nothing wrong with your eyes, you are starting to see auras!” Mystery solved. She did not do any spiritual practices but her brow chakra was activating. I don’t know why but I would guess past lives had something to do with it.

Q: When speaking to another person and feeling tingles in my crown chakra. Are they from the other person or from me?

A: If it happens consistently with only that person it is likely you are resonating with someone whose frequency is very close to your frequency. I have experienced my whole body buzzing, vibrating upon meeting a healer. I was afraid to mention it and ask if she felt it too so I didn’t.

Q: What are good books for beginners to learn about chakras?

A: Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan.

The Chakras and Esoteric Healing by Zachary F. Lansdowne, Ph.D.

The Chakras and the Human Energy Field by Shafica Karagulla, M.D. and Dora van Gelder Kunz

Chakra Therapy for Personal Growth and Healing by Keith Sherwood

Kundalini and the Chakras by Genevieve Lewis Paulson

Q: How do you know if the sacral chakra is open?

A: All chakras are open to some degree, it’s whether it is fully functional, in balance with the other 6 chakras is the better question. For most of humanity the sacral chakra is open. But a way to measure it is to use a pendulum. I use a necklace on a chain as a pendulum, no need to go get a “pendulum”. Lie down and have someone hold the chain and necklace about 5–6 inches above your body over the chakra holding it as still as possible. The pendulum should start to move in a clockwise direction. Watch how it moves, does it go in a nicely rounded circle? Is the circle 5–6 inches in diameter? If yes then it is open and working fine. If it moves in an oval, or a circle smaller than 4 inches it is open but not in a healthy state. If it is moving counterclockwise, not good. You can use the pendulum test over each chakra to see how it is functioning. We all need to work on balancing the chakras. In meditation focus you attention and energy on where the chakra connects to the spine. Not visualizing but just focusing your attention while doing 5 slow abdominal breaths on each chakra starting at the root chakra and moving up the spine and relaxing as you do. Use the pendulum again and you will see a healthy change.

Q: When I close my eyes and focus on my third eye area, I get a tingling and pulsating feeling almost immediately. Is this normal?

A: There are many varied feelings that come with meditation and changes in your energy field, so I would say it is normal. But avoid focusing too much on one chakra and instead work on balancing them. As energy moves up the spine each chakra feeds energy to the next so if the energies are restricted in a lower chakra it restricts energy reaching all the chakras above it.

Q: The other day I tensed my energetic body almost in a sense to create a wall from all that was bothering me, ever since then everything I see is distorted and my vision sees the world tinted in a yellow filter. How do I undue this and what happened?

A: Trying to create a wall was not a good way to protect yourself. You can start by balancing the chakras during meditation by focusing on the point along the spine that the chakras connect to it as you do 3–5 deep abdominal slow breaths in through the nose down deep into the belly filling it up like a balloon and then exhaling out through the nose as you tighten the belly muscles. This is how we breathe when we are relaxed and when you are relaxed your energy field expands. Next during meditation visualize yourself floating inside a huge egg shell the wider part at the top. You have 4 feet of space between your body floating inside it and the inside of the eggshell. This is called “The Eggshell Technique” (no surprise there) and the purpose is to build an edge that can keep out unwanted energies but you can’t wall off a part of yourself or your own thoughts. That’s where you went wrong. It would better to deal with what is bothering you than to try to wall it off. You deal with it now or you deal with it later, but it’s not going to fade away.

Q: Is it possible to close your third eye as a result of a bad encounter?

A: Instead of closing your third eye you might want to learn why you had a bad encounter and learn from it. Then learn how to protect yourself from bad encounters. I don’t think you can completely close it back up anyway. But you can learn ways to not pick up other people’s negative energy.

Q: Sometimes I find myself able to shift energy patterns within my head (it feels like I’m moving energy behind my eyes and it can shift my entire vibration or state of mind. Is this something others experience? Sometimes I question if I’m crazy lol

A: I just finished writing a book (seeking an agent now) titled You May Think I’m Crazy But . . . The 12 most common spiritual experiences and why you’re not crazy. There are a lot of new and unusual sensations that we have when we become aware of energy in and around us that do sound crazy to others because they cannot relate. But having experiences a lot of weird stuff since awakening weird has become normal and I hardly give it a second thought anymore. Welcome to my world. What you are experiencing sounds rather useful to me. Being able to simply shift your state of mind. Nice! Doesn’t sound crazy to me and I am retired from a career as a psychotherapist so hopefully I put your mind at rest about it.

Q: What does bad energy feel like?

A: It repels me, feels like stepping in something sticky. Feels like a dark cloud overhead and like I put on a heavy coat. It drains my energy, makes me feel anxious or down. Feels like all the light and energy was sucked out of the room. Yuck. If I stay in it too long I start to sweat, feel confused and anxious and want to leave the area.

Q: Aside from your twin flame, can you have interaction between each other’s main chakras with anyone?

A: Interaction and exchanges of energy take place all the time. Anytime you make eye contact there is an exchange of energy. In our relationships we develop an energy cord that goes from one or more of our chakras to one or more of their same chakras. For a romantic or familial relationship the energy cord will run heart chakra to heart chakra. Co-workers it would likely be solar plexus to solar plexus. And we are forever connected to them unless we “cut the cord” which is a ritual one might do if the relationship proves to be toxic.

Q: What are the higher chakras?

A: None should be. However if you look at each individual person they may have one chakra that is stronger than all the others. Depends on the individual.

All 7 main Chakras are equally important and you need them all hopefully well balanced. The Kundalini moves up from the Root Chakra and feeds energy to the rest of the chakras and on up it’s the same thing.

So if a chakra is weak it chokes off energy that could be flowing to the upper chakras. It is referred to as a blocked chakra or a block in the chakra. This is why dealing with life, thoughts and feelings trauma, matter in our development. We all need to unpack psychological baggage so I think psychotherapy is really a spiritual path of self knowledge..

Q: It's very easy to view our physical transformation by having before and after pictures. Is there a way that our mental, emotional, and psychological transformation can also be viewed in a similar manner?

A: That would be seen in the energy field or aura. Our spiritual, mental, emotional, and psychological transformation can be viewed if you are able to see that the energy is stronger, colors brighter and the chakras balanced and the energy field is bigger.

Sometimes we don’t need to see it but can sense it as well. Some people would call it charisma that you feel. People might feel it and try to attribute it to how you look physically if they can’t see the energy field, they might say something like, “Gee you look great! What have you been doing?” because they sense a change but can’t quite put a finger on it.

Q: How do you read peoples auras?

If you can see auras and into enough levels to see all the colors then you learn over time what colors and where in the aura they are and what that means primarily through observation. For example if when meeting someone you see green come out from the sides of their head it means they are attracted to you.

It is like an abstract painting of emotions. If it is dark and brownish not good, you might think depressed, but bright clear colors are good and indicate good physical and mental health. Most people are somewhere in between. Then there is another level of seeing the thoughtforms in the aura. Thoughtforms are little forms like little sculptures within the painting that are created from the auric energy, repetitive thought and emotions. Then there is another level of tuning into the energy of the aura in which is clairvoyance is used to read past, present and future. If that is the level at which you want to go enroll in a course, there are some online done through video. 

Play games, keep it light. Have someone “send” you a one of the 7 main chakra colors at an agreed upon time then check if you are right. If you are going to meet someone you for the first time if you haven’t seen a photo, tune in and see if you can get a visual of what they look like. Practice and don’t be afraid to be wrong. Trial and error is how you learn.

Q: Is it okay to open my chakras in public?

A: It is up to you. But I don’t know anyone who can open and close them at will. It’s not that simple. The chakras are energy centers and our consciousness which is our energy field activates the energies of each chakra as needed. No one really has a closed chakra, they are open, they may or may not be activated. So opening and closing them is a misnomer. It is really better left up to your consciousness to draw upon the energies as needed, activating the energies. The chakras are also a system of processing events as they happen up through the chakras each one receiving energy that has been processed by the previous chakra. So if you had the power and ability to open or close them at will you might not have the wisdom to know when and which to open or close. Our puny little egos don’t have the capacity for controlling what is essentially an extremely complex system of energy. When I say better left up to your consciousness I am really saying leave it up to your Higher Self for you Highest Good.

People who have a Kundalini awakening have sometimes had such a rush of powerful energies that it blows out the edges of the energy field that keep out the energies of the thoughts and feelings of others. In which case it is harmful and painful to be in public without the protection of an edge to the energy field or aura and distressing to the individual for those who have all 7 main chakras activated.

Q: How do you heal the fear of heights with chakra healing?

A: You don’t. It is better done with systematic desensitization in therapy for phobias. However it is a fear that evolved out of necessity. We need a fear of heights in order for us to be careful when we are near a sharp drop off. But if it is such that you can’t drive over freeway overpasses then it is maladaptive.

Another possibility is to do hypnosis to find the source of the fear which may be in a past life. But I have used hypnosis to help people needing to have a CAT scan which is a medical test in which you are in a narrow tube and people with claustrophobia have a hard time and tend to panic.

It is unlikely if your fear is not maladaptive that you will be in many situations where a fear of heights is a problem. But if you have to be up high, on the job (high rise window washing?) eventually you will lose the fear you may have started out having because that will be on the job systematic desensitization.

I have a fear of flying because of a airplane trauma when I was a child. If I had to fly every week I would be over it by now. But I fly so rarely that it feels fresh every time I fly. I know why but my body reacts anyway. I also refuse to let it stop me from travel so I just white knuckle it every time.

Q: How do you unblock the crown chakra?

A: You go about self development dealing with life as it comes, being mentally and emotionally healthy, with empathy and compassion, be of service to others and it will naturally open when events and life experiences have been fully processed and you release them. The crown chakra is associated with the causal body which is where the essence of our life experiences are stored. Also some say in the Monad and the permanent atoms that we take from lifetime to lifetime.

The crown chakra is also our connection to God, the Divine, the Universal Mind, the Force, etc. So by developing that connection through meditation is another avenue through which the crown chakra opens. Meditation can lead to spiritual experiences through which that connection also grows.

It is best however to not focus on one chakra over others. But rather focus on balancing them all.

Q: I have this unique and quite peaceful butterflies feeling under my belly button when meditating. What is this feeling?

A: It is likely that this is a symptom of sacral chakra activation. Every chakra is important and besides the 7 main chakras we also have 7 energy bodies, energy layers or sheaths which also have 7 chakras, with webs dividing each layer and so there is a lot of things that can be happening in the development of the energy bodies and the burning away of webs.

There are no standard symptoms, everyone is unique, but considering the location and the unusualness of the symptom that’s what I think you are feeling.

Q: Should you open all chakras at once or only do it one day at a time?

A: Chakras being open or closed is really a misnomer. All chakras are open they are not all activated. Activating them is dependent on self development. Most people operate from the first 3 chakras occasionally the 4th. So activating from the Root chakra up and each in succession is normally how they activate because they each play a part in the expansion and development of consciousness. Each chakra processes energy from the chakra below it. So it is a matter moving the energy up through the chakras to the higher frequencies through processing events and experiences in life. Meditation is usually essential in the process. In the end you want them balanced. Usually it takes more than a day to activate chakras that have not been activated and is dependent on self development, without which they will not stay activated.

Q: How do I clean my chakras? And find myself in the process

A: You can’t really “clean chakras” unless you “clean” your consciousness and in that process you can find yourself. You can use burning sage to clear your energy field/aura, the smoke removes negative energy temporarily. However your chakras and energy field are a reflection of your consciousness, your mind, your lifestyle. There are no shortcuts except for short term results.

I advise working on self knowledge, psychotherapy where you can look at who you are and how your life is working and what you can take responsibility for and change. Journaling your inner life, dreams, experiences, and look at your thoughts, words and deeds, especially how you treat others. How do you love? Do you really love? Do you try to control and manipulate others?

As you clean up your life and mind you can do breathing exercises and meditation to increase your awareness of life, energy, your thoughts by observing them, naming them and quiet your mind. By relaxation and meditation our energy field expands and you eventually become aware of the observer of your mind and thoughts, some call “the other”, “Higher Self” or God. The mind chatter is your ego/personality. Enjoy some solitude. I’ve just given you the short course in chakra cleaning.

Enjoy the journey, you may have synchronicities happen that confirm you are on the right track. You might even eventually have some experiences that will inform you. Good journey!

Q: Do you cultivate your chakras? How?

A: Meditation and breathing. Breath is considered energy and by breathing correctly while focusing your attention and energy on the places in the body where the chakras are you energize or cultivate your chakras.

Breathing: Breathe in slowly through the nose, keeping the chest still, into the abdomen while softening the muscles, like you are filling a balloon in your lower abdomen distending out slightly so that the inhale is more complete and then exhale tensing the muscles of the abdomen, breathing out slowly through the mouth, pulling slightly in with the abdominal muscles for a more complete exhale. Do this type of deep breathing while you focus your attention on the chakra as you take each breath. Always start with the root chakra and moving the energy upward. Doing a few deep abdominal breaths can become a natural trigger for becoming more relaxed.

Q: What causes root chakra imbalance?

A: I’m assuming you mean causes it to be out of balance with the other 6 main chakras?

If it has a greater amount of energy than the others it may be that the person is overly sexual, too angry, a very physical person or just not functioning well in terms of feeling and thinking therefore what is being experienced is not being processed through the rest of the chakra system.. Being the Root chakra it is our connection to the earth and everything we experience including the physical feelings of touch it also feeds energy up to the rest of the chakras in sequence. There may be a blockage between the root and the sacral chakra choking off the energy flow upward.

Q: How can I experience the energies around me?

A: The practice of meditation has the effect of increasing our sensitivities to energy around us. You can play with feeling your own energy. Rub your palms together then hold them in front of you fingertips of both hands touching, relax and unfocus your eyes slowing pull your hands apart. You should be able to see the energy around your hands and as you pull them apart you should see the energy between the fingers of opposite hands stretch up to a point and then break off. When that happens you may also feel it. Holding your hands out in front of you again 3 feet apart and slowly start to bring them closer and closer at a certain point you will feel a subtle pull, pulling your hands toward each other. Then you can pull them apart again. Have fun with it!

Q: How can the soul be made visible?

A: Our energy fields/auras are our souls. Some people can see it if they can see auras. However people who don’t see auras can sometimes see color around a person who has a very strong aura/energy field. So to be visible the aura must be very strong, a lot of energy going through it.

If you are asking in a metaphorical way, be of service, meditate, be self aware and treat others as you would want to be treated, acting from the values of the soul.

Q: I've been trying to open my third eye, now every time I get up to go to school I feel like I'm in a different reality. Is this a sign that it’s working?

A: If you try to activate one chakra over the others it can create an imbalance so hopefully you work toward that balance. If chakras below the third eye are blocked it limits what energy can flow up to the third eye. So it could be an imbalance. Or yes it could be a sign that it’s working.

Q: How can I increase my personal energy by paying better attention to my chakras at 65?

A: Meditation and “breathing on the chakras” which means while focusing your attention and energy on a place in the body where a chakra is while breathing slowly in through the nose while softening the belly and allowing it to fill up like a balloon. Then exhale through the mouth by tightening the belly muscles as if you were pushing on the balloon belly. It is good to do this 5 or more breaths for each chakra. Do this meditation daily.

Q: The eyes, those mirrors of the soul, are a window through which one escapes and through which one enters the world of human beings?

A: I would say no to through which one escapes and enters the world of human beings.

What it is in my experience is that whenever we make eye contact there is an exchange of energy between two souls. Sometimes in eye contact there is a feeling of knowing that person before in a past life because I am remembering that soul because of eye contact. I do believe we can see the soul through the eyes especially if there is repeated or prolonged eye contact.

I was at a meditation seminar once and the facilitator had us do an exercise where we made sustained eye contact with another. I was paired with a man in a wheelchair that I did not know. During that eye contact tears streamed down my face the entire time. I believe I was feeling that man’s pain. A lot of pain in his soul.

Q: What would I call it when someone's energy is so strong that it completely unbalances and distorts my personal energy? And how do I protect my energy?

A: One of my teachers used to say the biggest aura wins. So that’s what I would call it, “biggest aura wins” In other words the strongest aura influences all others. You would have to make your energy field stronger. Meditation, good health, learning, overall growth, exercise, self development, breathing exercises on chakras and developing a good edge on your energy field should eliminate the need for protection. You could also stay out of range which can help but not entirely. If you can feel where this person’s energy field edge is and then stay another 10 from the edge should help also.

Q: How can increasing my vibrational energy benefit me?

A: Theoretically it can increase health because of the increased and higher vibrational energy flowing through your energy field. It would also be more powerful in attracting to you people and experiences that are of high vibrational frequency. It could increase psychic abilities. If meditating on a daily basis it could also increase your I.Q. up to 25 points. Intention is important. If you do it only to benefit you it will not increase the frequency of vibrational energy.

But if you were to truly increase a higher vibration then you probably would not be asking how it would benefit you, but how you could use it to benefit others.

Q: I had my spiritual awakening late 2019, I believe it started by meditate 21 days challenge and then I learned another technique that made my heart cold and stopped it. Now I feel everything stopped & feel unhappy, why that happened?

A: It is difficult to say without more details about the meditation techniques. Maybe you tried going back to the original technique, but that is what I would try. Sounds like it somehow closed your heart chakra or deactivated it.

Q: What does it mean if the aura around your head is a mint green color?

A: Green around the head is attraction, caring, compassion, heart chakra has been stimulated.

Q: Can people feel you are protected spiritually? I feel a strong presence around me like a giant bubble around certain people.

A: What you feel and what is may not be the same thing. Our best protection is a high vibration, positive self esteem and a strong flow of energy that others, especially spirits can feel. It would always be there not just at times when you are around certain people. That may be something else you are feeling from them.

The edge on our energy fields protects us like a boundary, both energetically and psychologically. Our self esteem is also protection.

I wonder if these particular people challenge your emotional and psychological boundaries and you are feeling it energetically when they push up against them?

Here’s an answer I gave to a similar question:

That depends on how high a vibration you carry. The higher the vibration you carry and psychological factors such as high self esteem the more you will be protected.

It also depends on who sent the negative energies I call thoughtforms and what were the thoughts and feelings behind them.

For example if John sends a thoughtform to Mary with strong emotional and mental charge with the idea that Mary is a stupid woman it will travel to Mary. Meditating or not, if Mary knows she is smart and has good self esteem the thoughtform will not be compatible with her energy and will bounce off Mary’s energy field and travel back to John and enter his energy field because it is more energetically compatible with his energy than with hers because he created it. It will affect him in terms of negative energy. If Mary doesn’t feel good about herself and thinks of herself as stupid when it travels to her then it will enter her energy field and affect her as a negative energy.

So there are bigger factors than whether or not one in meditating that will determine the amount of protection one has against negative energies.

Q: What are the consequences of closing our chakras permanently?

A: It is impossible to close them permanently or completely. Chakras are open in most people but they are not activated, or few are activated, in the average person the first 2 or 3 are activated.

If it were possible to close them completely and permanently you probably would not be alive.