The Lights

The Light of Consciousness


By Nancy Poitou, M.A., M.F.T. ©1999

Published in The Exceptional Human Experience News, Vol.7, No.1

I am not certain when in the first couple of intense years of spiritual emergence I began seeing "The Lights." I see them every day and smile and enjoy their beauty. Bright colors like laser lights only better, more beautiful brilliant colors, colors unlike any earthly colors. Different colors, rarely red, yellow and green, but more often the lights are blue, indigo, violet and white. They appear and disappear like twinkling stars, appearing sometimes for a second or more. usually in one place but sometimes moving. Once in my own therapy session my therapist saw a moving white one with me.

I attribute them to high frequency consciousness, sometimes guides and spiritual beings. I think of the tiny white stars that appear above a person's head, or off to the side, way far up on the ceiling as the higher self of myself or the person I am with. I usually see those when a person is saying something profound that resonates with the Higher Self. I have observed that the Higher Self white light appears when some truth is spoken that has been lived and learned or will be. It often shows itself during the telling of waking or sleeping dreams. There is a strong certain energy that I feel at the moment the tiny white star appears. The blue, violet and indigo I feel are guides. I feel these lights also in the third eye, like a slight pulling sensation. When I see these colors close to my body, they are sparks that are generated off me. I often feel guides as presences and a moving energy with light and dark specks of energy moving around, sometimes there are lights and sometimes there are no lights.

I am aware of other peoples guides too, most often they appear as a blue orb or over one shoulder of a person. People often talk to their guides but are unaware of them so that they mistake their guide talking to them for their own thoughts. I do that too, I may be focusing on some task, but in the back of my mind there is a conversation taking place. It is sort of a stream of consciousness type of experience, but a conversation. But generally, I just think of the lights as such a beautiful reminder of the ever present spirit realm that is right here all the time and am comforted by the fact that our guides are around and accessible to us.