A Lifetime in Ancient Egypt

The Light of Consciousness

My First Ancient Egyptian Past Life Memory 

by Nancy Poitou

 I was at home meditating when this memory hit me in 1985. This is what I saw and experienced.

It was darkish like dusk inside an Egyptian temple, but I could see the outlines of the columns. I seemed to be about 30 feet away from a few priests who stood surrounding a kneeling woman with a gold headdress on. I seemed to be floating toward her. As I moved closer I could see wings on the side of the headdress and on top what looked like stair steps. Then to my surprise I went into the body of the woman and could feel the weight of the headdress on my head. I knew I was participating in a ritual. I was in some way playing the part of a goddess. I must have gone out of body during this ritual. 

This was early on in my Kundalini Awakening and my first ancient Egyptian memory. I didn’t know much about the ancient culture or religion at the time. I was curious so I went to the library (pre internet days) and looked through books about the ancient religion. I found out that the steps on top of the headdress were actually a throne and it represented Isis.

In 1986 I met a medium who channeled an ancient Egyptian priestess named Meryaten, daughter of Akhenaten before my trip to Egypt through a seminary of Natural Theology where I was taking classes on energy healing. Later during a time in 1988 I was teaching a course on Metaphysics at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. I asked this medium to come out to my house and I invited students to come over to witness her channeling. At one point Isis came through the medium. The medium said Isis had never come through her before that night.

When the Aswan Dam was built in the 1960s the temple of Isis at Philae sank below the water and just the top of the temple could be seen protruding above the water. Later an island was built and the temple was cut into pieces like the Russians did to raise the temple of Osiris at Aswan and put back together on higher ground.

In 1990 I traveled to Egypt with 2 friends, a male and a female. It was night and we had to take a boat on the lake to the created island of Philae. As we got off the boat we climbed up a hill and the second I stepped onto the stone floor of the temple I burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably for a few minutes. This totally took me by surprise. I wasn’t even inside the temple yet. I calmed down and then entered the temple feeling shaken and in an altered state. The temple was beautiful and we came back the next day to see it in the daylight. A day later the female friend and I talked about the night time visit to the temple. I discovered she had the exact same reaction when she stepped on the temple stone floor. We were not together when this happened to us but had been separated by other tourists in the darkness.

Some years after my trip to Egypt I was a part of a small group and I asked the same medium to come channel for them. At one point Meryaten asked if I would like to hold the energy of Isis, she said it had been a long time since I had done that and would I like to experience that again? Again?!? Yes. I felt warmth as I held her presence and felt my lips quivering. Anymore than that is hard to describe.

In the first memory inside the temple I believe the ritual may have had a dual purpose. I believe I was out of body for a purpose that was part of the ritual. I needed to retrieve some type of information while "out". The other part was to "be" Isis for the ritual, perhaps holding that energy and the priests consulting her while she was in my body and I was out. My memory was me coming back into my body. 

I began a Kundalini Awakening in 1985 which was a wild ride for a while. The whole process of remembering who you are and who you were has been extremely emotional. It's not all warm and fuzzy. I was told by the medium or rather Meryaten told me that like with the Dali Lama many were recognized as serving in the temples in previous lives and were brought back into the temple school young and were taught and trained there. Not all Priests and Priestesses were but many had served in past lives. (I'm not special, there were many many priests and priestesses in many temples.)

I believe my friend and I must have been priestesses in that temple although she had no memory of it. I believe in living that life of spiritual discipline, practices and experiences was where my soul grew up spiritually and it was a very meaningful time bringing back the feelings of the meaningfulness of the religion, a beautiful culture and civilization where everyone played a part in the whole of Egypt, everyone and every task was valued.  The priesthoods communicated with nature in a civilization that lasted at minimum 5,000 years, although some estimates are much higher. That is an amazing accomplishment. Something was done right for that to happen.  So stepping onto the Temple stone floors which held the energy of those times just hit us both hard. It was in the beginning of the trip. There were other times on the trip that I broke down like that. There were times I could feel the Kundalini rocking my body in some temples. I was pretty worn out by the end of the trip and I began to shut down emotionally like I was in shock. 

I had more lifetimes serving in the priesthood of ancient Egyptian temples. Apparently I was recognized young and brought back into temple life in more than the one lifetime. Another lifetime I served the lioness Goddess Sekmet and I was told by my teacher I also served a little known Goddess named Rennenet that was associated with crops and the harvest.