Q&A Exceptional Human Experience

The Light of Consciousness
Q: Why do yogis, after self-realization, become silent and not discuss their experiences to others?

A: Except under certain circumstances and for good reason it may be seen as an ego trip or giving the ego more power to talk about these experiences. Some of the old ways in eastern religions that teach meditation see experiences as a distraction from the path and tell students to ignore the experiences.

Some people in general believe it is best to keep experiences private, and believe that talking about them is counterproductive to integration. I however believe that at this time in history it is important to share them appropriately. Talking and writing about experiences helps in the integration of experiences and makes the spiritual world more real and present in your life. Sharing them with others also helps others see the spiritual world as real and inspires them. We need that at this time. In research on experiences it has been shown that people are helped by hearing others’ experiences. And I think we need to move beyond experiences being seen as hallucinations and that you are crazy if you talk about them. I just finished writing a book, You May Think I’m Crazy But . . . the 12 most common types of experiences and why you’re not crazy. (I’m seeking an agent or publisher at this time) 

Many people who have an experience are afraid it may mean they are crazy or that someone will think they are crazy if they disclose the experience. There is great psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits to experiences if you do talk and write about them. If we all talked about them and no one was judged so people could feel confident about sharing it would transform our world. You cannot be in denial about being more than a physical body when you work with experiences and integrate them into your psyche.

Q: When sleeping sometimes, I feel like my spirit is being pulled from my body. It feels uncomfortable, like a spiritual ripping. If I feel fear I wake up, but I’ve been practicing and can hold it for a bit, while feeling lucid. Any ideas what this is?

A: We do leave our bodies every night when we are asleep. You’re just awake enough to feel it. If you can stay out and lucid then you can pretty much go anywhere and do anything. I knew a guy who could leave his body and fly all over the place in his astral body. Nothing to fear here. If I’m out of body and become lucid I have not been able to hold it and I slam back into my body. One time I got out again. I haven’t really tried to consciously leave my body but with practice anyone can. The Monroe Institute teaches people to leave their bodies and stay lucid, if you want to develop this ability. It may become more comfortable to do it with practice.

Q: What happens when the human mind comes across transcendent phenomena?

A: The human mind is a part of transcendent phenomena. It is a shift in consciousness that pulls back the curtain to see that we are a part of transcendent phenomena and the transcendent universe that underlies all of creation including ourselves.

Transcendent phenomena and the mind’s experience of such goes by many names, Spiritually Transformative experiences, Exceptional Experiences, etc. The effect on the person having the experience is transformative. They experience themselves as a part of or one with all of creation. There is a connectedness that one feels going through such an experience. Wonder and awe. And it shifts or transforms the identity of the mind because it has experienced itself as something more than an physical body. It gets them in touch with their true nature as a soul with a body instead of a body with a soul. This researcher Rhea White says that once contemplated and integrated they turn to changes for a “project of transcendence” - a shift in values and beliefs that improve that individual and gives meaning and purpose to their life. I have written a book and seeking now an agent or publisher for You May Think I’m Crazy But . . . 12 Of The Most Common Spiritual Experiences and Why You’re Not Crazy.

I talk a lot about the experiences, so we can all learn from them and about how people change because of them. And of course why it is not crazy to have experiences but rather life enhancing.