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The Light of Consciousness

April 1991 & 1994
Pasadena City College Mythology Class Guest Lecturer
"The Legacy of Atlantis for Ancient Egypt"

May 1995
Jung Society of Claremont
"Canaries in the Coal Mine of Consciousness: The Path of Spiritual Emergence"

June 1995
Southern California Hospice Volunteer Conference
“Philosophy of the Soul”

August 1996
Institute of Noetic Science, Pasadena Chapter Lecture 
“Reincarnation and the Evolution of Consciousness

December 1996
KSPC Radio, Claremont Colleges, Claremont
Radio Interview on C.G. Jung and the Claremont Jung Society with two Jung Society Board Members

April 1997
Queen of the Valley Hospital, Covina
In-Service Training – “Stress Reduction through Relaxation and Visualization”

May 1997
Monrovia High School Faculty
In-Service Training – “Meditation for Health”

January 1998
Claremont Church of Religious Science
“Exceptional Human Experience”

June 1998
Jung Society of Claremont
“Exceptional Human Experience”

November 1998
Y.W.C.A., West Covina
“Exceptional Human Experience”

January 1999
Claremont Church of Religious Science
“Philosophy of the Soul”

January 2000
Claremont Church of Religious Science
“Spiraling to Higher Consciousness”

July 2001
Mt. Baldy Chapter, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
“Sexual Trauma, My 12 Most Useful Interventions”

October 2003
Kaiser Permanente Training
"Interpersonal Trauma"
November 2003
Y.W.C.A. W.I.N.G.S. Domestic Violence Shelter Conference
"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"

May 2004
Jung Society of Claremont
"Philosophy of the Soul in Spiritual Crisis"

November 2010
Wellness Works
"Trauma 101"


March 1997
The Exceptional Human Experience News, Vol. 4, No. 1
“Space: the Final Frontier Two Outer Space EHEs”

December 1997        
New Perspectives Magazine Book Reviews: 
“Life as a Waking Dream” & “See Auras in 60 Seconds”
Article/Interview with author Dr. Bruce Goldberg

March 1998        
The Exceptional Human Experience News Vol. 5, No.1
“The Spiritual Emergence Process: A Clinical Approach”
September 1998        
The Exceptional Human Experience News, Vol. 5, No. 2 
“Cosmic Consciousness” 

March 1999          
New Perspectives Magazine
Book Review: “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers”
March 2000        
The Exceptional Human Experience News, Vol. 7, No. 1 
“The Lights” and “Commentary on Chase’s Account” 

April 2000        
New Perspectives Magazine
Book Reviews: “The Art of Calm,” “The Eye of the Storm,” “Naturally Powerful,” 
& “Energy, Peace, Purpose” 

April 2000        
Self Help and Psychology Magazine (Internet Web Magazine)
“How to Help Children Develop Good Self-Esteem”
& “Self-Esteem, Self-Love and Self-Centeredness” 

September 2000        
Exceptional Human Experience:Studies of the Unitive, Spontaneous, ImaginalVol. 16, No. 1 
“The Awakening”
February 2001        
Exceptional Human Experience: Studies of the Unitive, Spontaneous, Imaginal Vol.16, No. 2 
“Comments on Chronology of a Kundalini Awakening”
June 2001        
Steps for Recovery Magazine
“Self-Esteem, Self-Love and Self-Centeredness”
January 2002        
Journal of Psycho-spiritual Transformation, Vol. 1  (Internet Web Journal)
“The Spiritual Emergence Process: Experiences and Observations”
April 2003        
New Perspectives Magazine
“Integrating the Shadow: A Jungian Perspective on the News” 

June 2003        
New Perspectives Magazine
Book Reviews: “The Girl in the Red Coat” & “Love is Stronger than Death”
January 2005        
New Perspectives Magazine
Book Review: "Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying: An Exploration of Consciousness with The Dalai Lama"
Edited and Narrated by Francisco J. Varela, Ph.D. 

October 2005        
New Perspectives Magazine
“Jungian Reflections on Literary and Film Classics Opus 1: American Beauty” by Richard Cachere
“Jungian Reflections on Literary and Film Classics Opus 2: Legends of the Fall” by Richard Cachere 

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June 2009         
Trauma 101
In Connection with Wellness Works, 
Glendale, CA

An Introductory Course
     Traumatic experiences shatter the illusion of safety that allow most of us to feel safe in the world. In the psychotherapists’ diagnostic manual trauma is defined as an experience that is “beyond the range of normal human experience” during which the person feels horror and terror and experiences or witnesses “a threat to life or bodily integrity.” It triggers survival instincts and changes in the brain that can become a lasting challenge. Not a personal weakness nor truly a mental illness, it is a normal reaction to an abnormal experience. Individual experiences and reactions to a traumatic event can range widely. For some it results in soul loss, despair and withdrawal. For others it can initiate growth, a change in values and a search for meaning.
      Writings and the recognition of traumatic reactions are found very far back in history and originally associated with war. In 1876 called Soldier’s Heart, it became “Shell Shock” in WWI and “Battle Fatigue” in WWII. It became an official diagnosis known as “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” after the Viet Nam War. We now know that it is highly treatable especially when treated early. We have been hearing about our military involved in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and how they have been reluctant to ask for help especially if they desired a career in the military for fear of being stigmatized. Fortunately generals and other military leaders have been coming forward with their stories of PTSD and steps are being taken to ensure that they get the treatment they need. However PTSD is not only a problem for our warriors but can also for anyone who has survived an a life threatening illness, interpersonal violence, victims of crime, accident or natural disaster.
      Nancy  Poitou is a Certified Trauma Specialist and has worked with survivors of traumatic experiences throughout her career. She is a member of the Spiritual Emergence Network and has counseled people in spiritual crisis since 1987. Nancy has taught Metaphysics at Mt. San Antonio College and has taught Meditation since 1988. As a hospice volunteer she worked with the dying and taught the Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Hospice work to incoming volunteers at Hospice of the East San Gabriel Valley.
      Her background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, two years study with a professional clairvoyant and one year studying Natural Theology. Nancy has a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family Child Counseling from Pacific Oaks College. She completed a one year internship working with cancer patients and their families at the Wellness Community.  She also worked for four and a half years at Project Sister, a rape crisis center as a Sexual Assault Counselor. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she facilitates a monthly meditation group as a part of her private practice in Duarte, CA..
Course Objectives:
1. To be able to distinguish between the various
          diagnoses that relate to trauma
2. To be able to identify the requirements that need to be met
           before starting trauma therapy.
3. To know how to identify and deal with barriers to treatment
4. To understand the long term effects of trauma and what effects
           it has on the survivors’ relationships
5. To be able to identify vicarious traumatization and
           self care for recovery and prevention