Q&A Manifestation

The Light of Consciousness

There appears to be a great deal of interest in Manifestation these days. Of course the ego wants what it wants.

Q: What is your views on manifestation? Is it real to you or merely impossible?

A: I believe that those who teach manifestation are only giving people a partial truth. 
They are teaching it based on the Law of Attraction but leave out the Law of Karma and the Law of Conservation. 

In other words if you have karma to be poor because you need to learn something from that, no matter if you do manifestation exercises 24/7 you are not going to suddenly become rich because you are doing manifestation exercises. Yes it may be successful once in a while because someone does have the karma to receive what they want but those few exceptions  just encourage people to keep trying. And when they don’t manifest what they want they feel frustrated and discouraged after spending so much time and energy on something that didn’t work. I would love to see my mind changed if everyone who practiced manifestation got what they worked on manifesting. But I haven’t seen that happen, very few are successful.

I equate manifestation to New Age exoteric beliefs. A partial truth people believe in because they want it to be true, don’t understand the bigger picture and their egos want control over their lives. But who wouldn’t want to have what they want? But besides being a waste of time it is not a spiritual practice as much as it is a ego practice. Spending our time and energy to try to acquire things without working for them is pretty much the opposite of surrender to the highest good. I’m not saying material things are bad nor the having of material things as long as you are not hurting people in the process. It’s a choice of how we spend out time and energy. So why not spend the time and energy to produce good karma? (Law of Karma) Or use your time and energy to continue to learn and grow? (Law of Conservation) 

I don’t like the spread of false hope, feeding the ego and the discouragement people feel when it doesn’t work. It’s like a bit of snake oil sales. It feeds on (mostly) false hope and desperation.

Q: Is it possible to manifest in our partner what we need them to be (for the both of us) by imagining that version of them /picturing it? This is more on an energy level than trying to actually change them as a person into something they are not.

A: Why would you want to be with someone you feel the need to change? So many people seem to get into learning about the spiritual world in order to have control instead of surrendering to the Highest Good. What good would changing on the level of energy be if it is not to manifest it on the physical plane of existence? It seems to me like a waste of energy to do so if that could even be done which it cannot. Our various energy bodies all affect one another. Change on one level causes changes on another level. Changing the energy of someone does have an effect on them and would eventually cause changes physically but it might be negative or interfere with their intentions for themselves. You would be fooling with energies that you do not understand, you could actually hurt them energetically. It is akin to black magic to try to change someone against their will. If change is their will they need to do it. For you to try to change them is like dragging a horse, it takes a tremendous amount of work and energy and when you get them to where you want them to be they can just get up and walk away.

Rather than trying to change that person either get out of the relationship if you are unhappy with who they are or use that energy to change yourself to accept who they are and let go of trying to control your partner. It is like trying to get an addict to stop using, it won’t happen until they see it as a problem and desire to stop using. As they say, “change is an inside job” they need to work on his or her self if change is desired energetically or otherwise.

Q: Are people who are into manifestation just wasting their time?

A: In my opinion pretty much. I don’t usually answer questions about manifestation, but yours gives me the opportunity to educate people with a different point of view about manifestation. Manifestation is based on the law of attraction. But that leaves out a lot of the equation. I think it gives people a lot of false hope. Yes sometimes it works, if it is in the best interests of the soul, not the ego/personality. The ego/personality wants what it wants and it wants, wants, wants. And there are a lot of people selling the idea that it is easy and anyone can manifest anything. When people take the steps but don’t manifest they think they are doing it wrong and either try harder or give up discouraged and demoralized by failure, when they were told anyone can do it. But there are mitigating factors that no one talks about that are selling manifestation.

Karma for instance, it may be that you are not meant to have what it is you are wanting to manifest. I may want to be rich but as they say, “it just isn’t in the cards” or the karma to be rich. If it will not help the soul learn and grow it might not be in the soul’s best interest what it is they are trying to manifest. I was born into a rich family in a past life. I didn’t appreciate what I had, in fact I sort of scoffed at it. In this lifetime I have had some financial difficulties and struggles that I think have taught me to appreciate and be grateful for prosperity. Even at that when I look at what I have in the context of the rest of the world, I am rich in comparison to most of the living standards for most people.

Life Plan is another factor. Besides karma we also choose in between lives what circumstances and challenges we need for optimum learning and growth we want to achieve in this incarnation. We make a plan, along with the circumstances we are born into in that incarnation. Events, people that we planned between lifetimes are our destiny. What you are trying to manifest may not work in or for your plan for this lifetime. If someone’s free will blocks your plan there are back up plans also in play to get you to the same place as you planned in advance. Destiny. Again sometimes “it just isn’t in the cards” no matter how hard you try.

Q: Why is there a surge in the practice of Manifestation or the « Speak Into Existence » movement (the idea of bringing something you want into existence through aspirational-thought practices)?

A: It is not what I think of as a spiritual thing because it is empowering the ego to get what it wants. And the ego wants, wants, wants. (Be care what you pray for you just might get it).

Why is there a surge? Because the ego not only wants but wants it now without having to work for it. The ego is greedy. And it is the American way to be materialistic and want instantaneous results. So our culture endorses it.

When they teach manifestation they are only dealing with one part of why things come to us which is why it is not working for most people.