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Q: How do we learn how to keep spirits?

A: When you say spirits, I think earthbound spirits, but I’m not sure if that is what you are referring to. Earthbound spirits aka ghosts are usually stuck in place and people want them to go away. So you don’t have to do anything. But eventually and I mean eventually like hundreds of years someone does get them to cross over, often those who were the ghost’s spirit guides and relatives who are on the other side eventually persuade to come into the light.

If you are talking about spirit guides, one may be with you for your entire life and others may stay for a period of time, usually years, decades, and then they eventually reincarnate and you get a new guide when you might need a new expert to help you in what you may be doing in your life.

So it is really not up to you, I wouldn’t suggest you try to hold one captive, you don’t really have that kind of power, it would be like holding someone captive they just don’t have a physical body. If I have completely misinterpreted your question try asking it again and be more specific about what spirits you are referring to.

What are the Spiritual things to do before moving to new home?
Smudge the house with sage is a definite. It is the burning of sage that clears out any remaining negative energy. And hopefully in packing things up from the old home you have gone through everything and done a major dumping of old energies inconsistent with the direction in life you are going. Bring in positive energy with classical music and incense before moving in. Use spiritual symbols, photos and art. Light white candles, the kind in a jar after anointing them and allow them to burn all the way down without putting them out. If you must leave put the candle jar in a shower or bathtub so that should it get knocked over it won’t burn the house down. Meditate there before moving in.

I have done spiritual house cleansings especially after bad tenants have moved out. Afterward the landlord had much better tenants or the house was sold quickly. I had years of bad neighbors next door. When the house went up for sale I got a realtor friend to let me in and I did the cleansing routine. It changed for the better but wasn’t all good overnight, but eventually the city bought it and tore the house down adding it to a park. Now it is nice to be next door to a beautiful park.

How do I get rid of evil spirits?
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I have never met any wicked spirits. I have met earthbound souls. Are you talking about spirits attached to you? Haunting your home?

I have helped spirits cross over with love and caring for their well being.

You might ask yourself why you need to break free from them? And why were they attracted to you? People sometimes pick up what you might be referring to as “wicked spirits” at bars or places where people do drugs. They sometimes attach themselves to people using or drinking in order to continue their high in the afterlife. This only makes it tougher to quit an addiction.

I don’t know if that applies to you, but it’s what I get from your question.

How do I remove a spirit I may have accidentally invited, I spoke to it in a nice way but I wads just told today not to do that because im inviting it in , tonight weird things started happening I have toddlers im scared what do I do?
Well got yourself into a pickle there.

Assertively tell the spirit that if they are not there for your highest good they need to leave. Then send them love and light. Visualize a portal of light and tell them they will find what they are looking for on the other side of that portal.

This type of thing often happens in bars or places where people do drugs. Spirits will tag along or attach to you in some cases in order to continue to feel the addiction they had in life. So if that applies to you it will help if you stop doing the drug or alcohol.

Either way, refuse to engage with the spirit and keep repeating the instructions above until it is gone. If you have not been able to get the spirit to leave it’s time to call in a professional ghost buster. A medium who has experience with helping earthbound spirits cross over.

Is this a sign of a spirit in a doll? I have some antique dolls which are very old, my dog started looking at them and sniffing them with curiosity. I have heard of animals being able to sense spirits
No. If they are growling at it that might be a sign, but dogs love to smell stuff.

When people see horrific apparitions of a supernatural nature, what are they really seeing and what could be causing these images to appear?
Many times what people see and how they interpret it is influenced by paranormal movies. Shadow people for example may be perfectly innocent. We often see spirits out of our peripheral vision and see them as a shadow. That is not usually anything negative but is positive because they are seeing their spirit guides.

Some things people see are thoughtforms which may be negative and created either consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes what people see is a psychic impression, a bad thing happened there and left something like a short video clip of something that happened a long time ago but was such an intense emotional event it became imprinted on the location.

Sometimes they may be seeing something quite real and negative in the spirit world. It may be a very negative entity that is dangerous, but these are very rare.

If I knew more specifics about what you are describing as “horrific supernatural images” I would better be able to answer your question.

Can I spiritually connect/bond with a deceased person that I've never met?
You can but I would not recommend it. It could cause an earthbound spirit to become attached to your aura and influence you in negative ways. Among other things they can drain you of energy and cause health problems. If they are hanging around the earth plane and have not gone into the light they might want to live through you by attaching to you and living through your experiences. This is not healthy for either of you.

Once they have gone through into the light people we knew in life may come around and if they were someone you knew while alive, like family or friends they are not likely to attach to you. They do come around often and know what’s going on in our lives. They will hear us if we speak to them and we can hear them too if you can quiet your mind enough to allow the telepathy in.

We can however bond with our spirit guides, they are safe to bond with and are here to help us.

Does additional paranormal research come in psychology, spirituality, or astrophysics?
I think that research is coming forth in psychology. Dean Radin is doing research for the Institute of Noetic Sciences and previously did same at Stanford Research Institute. You can’t really do this type of research without it reaching into spirituality.

It is very difficult to specifically do research on the paranormal, meaning contact with spirits, souls on the other side of the veil because they happen randomly and are not conducive to laboratory research.

I have a bad spirit in my home and keep getting marks in my body. What should I do?
You could get someone who helps earth bound spirits to cross over. I have done this. But it is really quite easy if you have the self confidence to do it yourself. It is probably not a negative spirit just one trying to get your attention because they need help. They are earth bound spirits. They for some reason or another got stuck before passing through the portal of light.

Here’s my method.

1. Gather information from those who have had encounters with the ghost including any research about the history of the haunted place.

2. I do my own scan of the place and inventory of my impressions.

3. Make contact if possible with the ghost, try to find out how they got stuck here, and what their story is. I usually go into an altered state and talk telepathically to the ghost or ghosts that are actually earthbound spirits. Start feeling love and compassion toward the ghost.

4. Persuade the ghost to leave through a portal into the light. This is easier than it sounds. They are usually pretty open to what I have to say because they have been stuck for a while. I tell them to look for a tiny white light and ask them to focus their attention on it. As they do the light gets bigger and comes closer. They will feel drawn to it. You can feel it or see it in your mind’s eye when they step through the portal. A sense of relief.

5. Once gone go through steps of clearing negative energy and raising the vibration. This is like changing the energetic address which makes it impossible to for them to find it again.

6. I spread rock salt around the inside wall of the place. I smudge with sage and cedar. Then raise the vibration. I anoint a white candle with Frankincense oil and pray then light the candle and instruct those who live there to let it burn all the way down without putting it out. If they have to go out place the candle in a sink, bathtub or shower so it won’t cause a fire if knocked over. Burn incense. Play some classical music.

7. Meditate and bless the ghost who are actually “earth bound spirits”. Radiate love and light.

Do earthbound spirits attach only to those they knew in life?
No. Most earthbound spirits who were alcoholics or drug addicts attach to the same in order to still get high. Often the earthbound go to bars or places where they find people who are using to attach to. That is the most common. They don’t need to know you.

But there are many reason why someone known to a person is earthbound and attaches to them.

Is there an element or force that can hurt a ghost? Eg. fire, electricity, sounds or vibration.
Nothing physical can harm a non physical being.

There may be things you do that they don’t like which can up the activity and it can become negative. But some people make friends with the ghost and live peacefully with it and talk to it if there is a problem. I would caution you against trying to harm or anger a ghost (earth bound spirit).

It lasted a few seconds, when I saw someone I saw them as the younger version of themselves. Why?
I’m not sure if you saw a living person or someone in spirit.

Often when we see people we know who have died they look as they did in their prime. That’s because they revert back to that version of the body when the physical body has died. Even if it was grandpa who died at age 99. But people still have no problem recognizing grandpa.

If this was a living person you may have momentarily seen them as they were in the past. As a psychic can access the past of a person you may have unintentionally done so, but only in a visual sense.

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Can spirits (ghosts) see us and our spirit guide? Can our spirit guides see them too?
“Earthbound spirits” aka ghosts can see us and if their vibration is high enough our spirit guides. But the reason I have been brought in to intervene is that they can’t see their spirit guides or deceased family members and need a little help to see them. I kind of act as a bridge from their plane to the portal to the spirit plane, the astral plane.

By entering into their space and asking them to look for the light and directing them towards it their vibration speeds up and as they get closer to the light they begin to be able to see their guides and family members waiting at the portal. Spirit guides have to lower their vibration and those of us on the physical plane speed our vibration up for us to connect. Our spirit guides can always see us but to communicate the need to slow their vibration.