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The Light of Consciousness

Q: How can I block a psychic from reading me?

A: It is quite common for skeptics of psychics to block the ability of the psychic to read them. A sort of self fulfilling skepticism. But if you want to have a reading why do that? If you are going to have a reading I suggest setting aside your skepticism for the reading. Later as you drive away you can decide it was baloney. If you don’t want a tarot card reader to read you don’t go to one.

Q: Can you explain why I would be feeling touches, like pokes on the shoulder when no one is there? I’m trying my best to not be afraid of the noises and touches, and pokes! I am also on a spiritual journey. What am I experiencing?

A: It sounds like your spirit guides trying to get your attention. We all have them and they want to help. You are on a spiritual journey and they are there to help you along. There is nothing to fear.. Sometimes I get telepathic messages from them which have been helpful. They sometimes say your name as you are waking up, and at times will disappear things to get your attention. Then you have to ask them to return the items and you’ll find them in unusual places. They usually have a sense of humor.

Q: How does it feel after your third eye is opened?

A: Some people have asked how to close the third eye. It is likely they have not learned how to manage it which is common when it first opens. I have learned how to manage it and yet some things I am just more sensitive to now and there is not much I can do about that.

My reaction was amazement that visions were correct. When things first started I thought coincidences were the explanation. I had never thought of myself as intuitive before the third eye opened. I experienced things I not only didn’t think I could, some I didn’t think were possible to experience at the time. It would freak out some friends when I could describe accurately something they experienced but about which I was not told. Some things freaked me out at first and I questioned my sanity. I even asked my guides to prove to me I wasn’t imagining things that it was real. They did. The realization that in essence you are connected to everyone and everything is mind expanding. The third eye feels like it opened. It is like touching eternity to go beyond time and space to see and experience things you could not know of. I have done ghost busting which is what I call going to where a ghost is and helping them cross over, which is much easier than people realize. And I have seen past lives of my own and others. I have encountered spirit guides and communicated with them. I have done energy healing as well.

I have included many descriptions of my experiences in my first book and I am using some in my second. You can read about some of my experiences on NancyPoitou.com . I have also used my experiences to help others adjust, now by answering questions here and I have been a member of the Spiritual Emergence Network since 1990 helping others with awakening and Kundalini symptoms while at times reassuring people they are not crazy. I often hear, “You may think I’m crazy but . . .” right before people share an experience with me. I have taught meditation since 1986, but not teaching currently.

When I go to psychics there are two things that most say to me right away. First why am I not giving readings? They say I could do what they are doing. And they often say I am a very old soul. I have had so many experiences that I know I could develop it if I put in some practice. But instead I am writing books. I am looking for an agent for my first book called, You May Think I’m Crazy But . . . The 12 Most Common Spiritual Experiences and Why You’re Not Crazy and I am currently working on the second, Post Modern Metaphysics The Unseen World of Energy and Light. I think my time is better used writing and teaching than giving readings. I have done many lecturing engagements and trainings and used my experiences which were very informative to expand my knowledge which led me into teaching and writing. One day we will all have opened our third eyes, imagine what that will be like.

Q: Can we wake up from astral projection if someone forcibly wakes us in real life?

A: Oh yes. It’s a jolt and you might be a little disoriented.

Q: Say humans perfectly understood psychic ability and telekinesis. What would be the real world applications and benefits?

A: We would be Jedi Knights so that would be cool. Except they way I’m imagining it more telekinetic and psychic ability.

The first thing I think of is medical intuition, we could diagnose psychically and possibly treat some conditions with telekinesis. No one could lie to others, that would be a real eye opener. Crime would disappear if everyone knew who committed the crime. We would communicate telepathically, no need for cell phones. Maybe with Telekinesis we could fly. That would be fun and cool, maybe it would eliminate or nearly eliminate the need for transportation and all the associated energy costs.. We could absorb knowledge psychically. We’d never be over or under dressed, lol. Mystery novels wouldn’t sell because everyone would know who done it. OK I’m getting kinda silly thinking about this.

I think interpersonal relationships of all kinds would deepen because of knowing what the partner is feeling, and thinking. It would revolutionize things like politics and foreign affairs.

I wonder if it would become boring or feel intrusive if we call knew so much about each other?

Q: I heard an echo of a friend but they weren’t physically around is this telepathic communication or am I just going crazy?

A: In the book I just finished writing, You May Think I’m Crazy But . . . The 12 Most Common Spiritual Experiences and Why You’re Not Crazy “post mortem contact” or as others call it after death communication is one of the 12 common types of experiences. Having taught the psycho spiritual aspects of hospice to incoming volunteers I have heard a lot of stories about this. In order to know for sure you’re not crazy I would have to have more history and background on you to be sure (I am a retired mental health professional) but usually if you are aware enough to ask the question “am I crazy?” usually is a pretty good indication you are not.

Q: Why would a tarot reader say there are no energies in tarot cards read?

A: Tarot cards operate on the principle of synchronicity. Some readers have you shuffle the cards and perhaps some energy gets on them if that is done. That would be another form of inducing synchronicity with your energy and not necessarily the energy of the cards. Using the same cards for every person if operated on the energy in cards seems like the energies would be confused when each additional energy was held by them and so the reading would be confused with others. Since there is some energy remnants of people who touch things I would expect the cards would have the energy of the card reader most of all since they have held the cards more than anyone.

Theoretically we can charge items with energy, but I don’t think that would be useful in Tarot Card readings. The proper cards that are turned up in a card reading show up in answer to questions held or asked by the person getting the reading or as is usually done they show the recent past, present and future. For most psychics the cards are just a tool to attune their abilities and they interpret what the cards mean. My teacher who read cards used to say don’t read books on the card meanings, just allow them to trigger the knowledge that comes to you. In other words interpretations of cards’ meanings are just another filter you need to set aside in learning to read them. It is more the card reader than the cards that give you a reading.

Q: During a Tarot reading, what can be done if the querent refuses to give any bit of information and stays in silence?

A: It wouldn’t matter. Some psychics do ask questions and try to see if they are on the right track but you shouldn’t have to say anything really to get an accurate reading. Some psychics don’t want to know anything because they are afraid it will influence the reading and act as a filter changing the reading and causing it to be off.

However if the querent is skeptical and not open to any possibility that psychics can really read them they are blocking the reading with their skepticism. It is like a self fulfilling prophesy. I advise skeptics that in order to give it a fair try, leave your skepticism at the door and suspend it during the reading. Later as you drive away you can decide it was all BS if you want.

Q: What is astral projection, and has anyone successfully done it?

A: We all do astral projection while asleep. We have 7 energy bodies. We take 5 or 6 bodies to the astral plane. At least one stays behind with your physical body hovering above it. But the trick is to be able to do it while awake and have full recall. I have known a couple people who could do it while awake. One really loved the flying part over cities and other places. If you have ever had a out of body experience that’s half of it. If a person were to work on and practice it, theoretically we can all learn to do it. At the Monroe Institute in California they teach you how to do astral projection. There are books out there about it.

I have not worked on being able to do it while awake. I have had out of body experiences when I was awake. But I do sometimes remember what I was doing on the astral plane as my body slept. My teacher and I used to meet up on the astral plane and she would test me by telling me something to repeat back to her the next day and I would, which would freak her out which I thought was funny. A couple years ago on the astral plane I met up with her and she was talking about “a card and a cake”. The next day I messaged her and asked her about it. She said she had been saying her grandson should get more than a card and a cake for H.S. graduation. So I still got it.

Recall is strange, not like a dream. I focus on the feelings and then start recalling in pictures of what it was I was doing. I don’t really work at it, but probably could learn how to consciously do astral projection while awake if I wanted to devote the time and energy to it. I recently had the following experience.

A few weeks ago I woke kind of disoriented and agitated which usually indicates I have been busy on the astral plane. As I sat with the feelings I began to get visuals as to what I had been doing. I had been in Ukraine on the astral plane helping people cross over after death. Ukrainian soldiers, civilians and Russian soldiers. I recalled a mother and child I helped, a Ukrainian soldier but the Russian soldier I recalled was angry and wasn’t ready to accept he was dead. I tried to talk to him but he angrily stormed off, gun and all. I figure after a few days of trying to communicate with the living and he might be ready to accept death. Glad I could help some of the poor souls over there who have died. It was right after the Russians had bombed an arts school and civilians were sheltering inside.

Q: What does it mean if I keep seeing a small flashing star in the corner of my eye?

A: You need to have your eyes checked.

Sorry being facetious. However I do believe we need to rule out any organic cause before we just to paranormal explanations. But if the flashing star is always in exactly the same spot, it could be something organic.

I see daily what I call “the Lights”. Often a white light, like a tiny star blinks into and out of existence. But it does it once and doesn’t keep flashing. Also often a blue light or a large patch of blue blinks in and out, again just once. Other colors too, purple and occasionally red. I’m not sure we’re seeing the same thing because when you say flashing it sounds like it keeps flashing in that same spot.

What I see is an indicator that I am not alone. My spirit guides are around and the pulse of light I can also feel in my brow chakra indicates to me an affirmation of my thoughts of which they are observing. I like what I see because it reminds me daily I am not alone and the spirit world is all around me.

Q: What does it mean to be in the realm of the spirit?

A: It sounds to me like that refers to the Astral Plane, the spirit world or realm also called the dream world. People who have crossed over are there often living very similar lives to what they lived on earth often for a period of time before beginning a journey of shedding the life left and then beginning to make decisions and plans for the next incarnation. This is the first of seven planes of which there are 7 sub-planes. These realms are not somewhere else they interpenetrate the physical plane that we live in, the atoms of the physical plane float in a sea of astral atoms.

We leave our bodies every night as we sleep and are on the Astral Plane. Some dreams are just dreams, some are memories of being on the Astral Plane and some are screen memories of higher planes that are less and less as you rise in vibrational frequency like our physical realm or the first plane.

Q: How does one go by to obtain a spirit guide, and would that spirit guide be able to help me when I’m astral projected ?

A: You already have several spirit guides, as does everyone. You do astral projection every night when you fall asleep. Sometimes we confer with our spirit guides at night on the Astral Plane.

They are there, talk to them, respectfully ask them to help you recall what you do on the Astral Plane while your body is asleep. You can also work on the ability to do astral projection consciously while awake. I have known 2 people who were able to do this. Below is my answer to another query about astral projection.

Q: What do the spirit orbs in your house mean?

A: If the orbs have color you have spirit guides around. You must be going through a time of growth and learning. If there is no color you may have some ghosts, dust or water particles in the air. Did you see the orbs with your eyes or on digital photos? Digital photos will show all but you need to analyze and rule out dust particles or water vapor. Either way fear not. Ghosts don’t usually bother people, they are just earthbound spirits. If they do bother you then they are easily helped to reach the other side. If spirit guides they are there to help you.

Q: How long have you been in tune with your telepathic & interablity? Mine started 19 months ago and continues to grow.

A: Since 1985 when a Kundalini awakening began. I have not really worked on refining those abilities but I know I have them, and have experienced them. Most psychic readings I have the psychic starts by saying “why aren’t you doing what I do? You can.” Yes with some practice I could but I’m busy with other stuff, written one book You May Think I’m Crazy But . . . The 12 Most Common Spiritual Experiences and Why You’re Not Crazy and am looking for an agent. I have had many different types of spiritual and paranormal experiences which has been amazing. So I know I got it, and I continue to know things I don’t know how I know and see some things before they happen. I see what I call “the lights” every day. It’s just a part of me now.

Q: Do you have any experience hear spirit in head and what they said to you really happen? Do you know the reason why it talk to you?

A: They usually speak in very short sentences or telepathy. To give an example one time I was with my Mom and we didn’t have a good relationship. She and two others killed me in a past life by throwing me off a cliff. So Mom gets up for a moment to get a glass of water My spirit guide was to my right and he said, “Make peace with your enemy.” In my head I said “Whhhaatt? this is going fine here.” A minute later the conversation took a turn which could have gone bad but I took his advice to heart. I listened to her and did not respond in a way I likely would have had he not said what he said. But instead the conversation went deeper and she cried. It was a good thing I listened to him.

In another instance there was a point early in my awakening when I began to question if all these things I had experienced were real or imagined. I recall one afternoon driving home from work and thinking about that having doubts about the many experiences I was having that were pretty unbelievable seeing as I was not raised with any of this knowledge nor born with abilities to be able to have experiences I was having. So I said to my guides I need some proof, something that I will not be able to explain in any other way then this is a message from my guides. So getting home I sat on my bed and I was watching TV and had a thought that I needed to call a friend of mine so as I reached for the phone I heard "not yet, not yet". So I went back to watching TV a little while later I think of it again and I reached for the phone and once again I hear "not yet, don't dial yet". So I thought okay I will play along and went back to watching TV. After about 10 minutes I'd kind of forgotten about making the phone call and was getting into the program when I heard "now dial now". So I did dial and there was no ringing on my end or hers when my friend picked up her phone. I could hear someone on the line and so I said "hello?". Then she said, "But I didn't even dial you yet!". I laughed and knew exactly what happened. I told her what led up to that call and she was pretty freaked out by it so that any time I called her after that before I could say anything she'd be saying "hello?, hello?". It was pretty funny, but I stopped doubting.

Q: Why is my astral form leaving my body? Everytime I sleep I just start levitating out of my body without trying?

A: We all do but you are fortunate to be conscious while leaving the body. Every night when we sleep we leave our bodies and go into the Astral Plane. The trick is remembering it all. Stay conscious and you can go anywhere you want. I have known two people who could while awake consciously leave their bodies, one liked to fly around without his physical body the other acted as a shaman finding answers for people on things like health.

Have fun with it. Don’t worry you will always be connected to your body where ever you go in the world or other planets for that matter.

Q: Why is it that I can only astral plane when I’m going through a lot in my life? I’m in a 20 year marriage that has been so rocky. Yesterday we had a fight and I and boom I did it. I can’t seem to do it when things are going good.

A: Some people leave their bodies during something that is a threat to life or bodily integrity. It can be considered “dissociation” and the psyche does it to escape or deal with the situation. So it makes sense that during stressful times it may make it easier to leave your body.

Q: Is it possible for my spirit guide to be a lover from my past life?

A: Yes. I have a spirit guide who was my husband in a past life. But that doesn’t mean that they should play your lover now. We have a spiritual family where we trade roles, sometimes male sometimes female. Sometimes a spirit guide sometimes incarnate.

Q: Does cleansing, healing, and releasing old negative energy and trauma send it back to the person it came from?

A: No. It releases it from you.

However if that person has negative thoughts about you that are strong enough to produce thoughforms, if the thoughtform is more compatible with the other person than you it will return to them. So if they angrily think you are stupid and you are not and know you are not and have good self esteem it will bounce off your aura and return to the person who made the thoughtform because it is now more compatible with his energy since they made it than yours which is incompatible.

Q: How do psychics know so much about random people's lives and their past/dead relatives?

A: The short answer is because they are psychic. But the longer answer is that they have the skill to access the interconnective level of consciousness. There really are no secrets. They may also be connecting with the Akasha or the Akashic records of the past where everything is recorded. Since the level they access there is no time, they are also able to access probable future events. If they are also mediums they are connecting with dead relatives who are giving them family history.

Q: How do I stop unwanted mental telepathy from a fellow occultist who is at a higher level?

A: Intention will go a long way toward stopping this intrusion. Intend to block all people from reading you without your permission.

You can develop a stronger edge on your energy field by practicing the Egg Shell Technique in meditation which builds a stronger edge on your field. The eggshell technique which is usually used to keep out the thoughts and feelings of others, but I believe it works the other way around as well. And build a thoughtform of a shield that stays between the two of you at all times. Again this is used in psychic self defense but should work to keep another from intruding as well. Also avoid eye contact with this person. Whenever we make eye contact there is an exchange of energy.

In meditation you visualize a huge egg shell, bigger part at the top and yourself inside the egg shell with 4–5 feet between you and the inner wall of the egg shell. Stay with that visual, thickening and hardening the egg shell each time. Practice for 5–10 minutes daily for 30 - 40 days and you will build a thicker, harder edge to your aura. Keep reinforcing it by practicing this visualization as needed after that. When we meditate our auras expand sometimes the edge gets too thin or in a Kundalini awakening the edge is blown out by the powerful energy of Kundalini. If you are bothered by being in enclosed spaces where there are a lot of people and must be there take someone with you and keep your focus on them and avoid eye contact with other people.

Will this completely stop this intrusion? I don’t know for sure because we are all connected. But it is what I would do to stop it.

Q: What is an example of spiritual guidance?

A: Often spiritual guidance comes from spirit guides. They often speak in cryptic short sentences. Anything more and you receive telepathic thoughts. I was with my mother one night, who in a past life was an enemy. Mom got up to get a glass of water and my guide said, “Make peace with your enemy.” in his usual cryptic way. I said, “Wwwhat? We’re getting along just fine here.” Within a couple minutes the conversation had turned to something more controversial. Because of what he said I did not react the way I may normally have. Because I didn’t the conversation went deeper and Mom shed tears. Listening to my guide not only prevented a confrontation, it brought us closer together. Years later we had a couple deep conversations and I did make peace with my former enemy.

Q: How do you distinguish between what is a vision and what is where you are now?

A: Well that’s the trick isn’t it? In intense vivid visions you can be completely dissociated from where you are now. However that is very rare. Usually you have a dual awareness of both where you are now and the vision. Sometimes one is superimposed over another.

What I have experienced that baffles me is that I will have a very realistic vision and think that it has already happened. Then I find out it has not. Then a couple months later it happens. I wish my visions came with a time stamp because besides feeling baffled I feel dumb when I tell someone something has happened only to find out it didn’t. Until it does.

Q: What was the experience like for people who are into astral projection or have an understanding of the Akashic records?

A: I think experiences of astral projection and retrieving information from the Akasha really demonstrates to us that we are spiritual beings, souls that are eternal.

When a psychic accesses information about people the psychic may be connecting with the Akasha. I have done it once. It appears to people in a way that they conceptualize it. Edgar Cayce saw it as very tall bookcases with piles of scrolls on the shelves. When I accessed it I saw it as a gigantic library which also had computers. I sat at a computer screen of that time and looked up the information I was seeking. I did it after leaving my body during sleep, something we all do, but most people are not aware they are doing it.

Astral projection shows us that we are not our physical bodies. We don’t have to do astral projection to access the Akasha, but it may be easier to do so out of body. It is all wonderous and inspiring to know that nothing is lost, it is all recorded in the Akasha.

Q: How do you open a third eye? At what age is it opened? Is it done by yourself?

A: Some people are born with it open. For those whose third eye is open, sometimes it continues to be open and for others it seems to close at adolescence. It can open at any time throughout the life span.

It is usually opened as a result of spiritual emergence or Kundalini awakening which can happen because the soul was involved in spiritual practices or activities in one or more previous lives. For some it begins as a result of shaktipat, transmission by a guru or spiritual teacher who has that ability. But the most common and reliable way to open the third eye is as a result of using spiritual practices and it happens because the individual is going through an awakening process. This process involves opening the first five chakras in a progressive manner. It would be unhealthy and dangerous to try to open the third eye alone without the lower chakras opening first and without the accompanying spiritual growth and maturity to be able to handle the opening.

Q: How do I tap into my psychic/medium/empath side? I know I have something and I want to be more open to it.

A: Meditation.

Q: Do you think our souls travel when we are asleep?

A: Absolutely we do.

When my teacher and I would part or hang up the phone we would always say, “I’ll see you on the astral tonight.” She would meet with me on the astral and tell me something to tell her the next morning. And I would. She would freak out a little and I would laugh that I freaked her out. She was the one who was clairvoyant and freaked others out. We did this many times.

Not long ago I saw her on the Astral and she was saying “a card and a cake, a card and a cake”. I PMd her on FB and told her what she said on the Astral. Sure enough she was saying that her grandson was graduating and he deserved more than a card and a cake.

Few people have known you can meet up this way on the Astral Plane. We all leave our bodies at night. Some of our dreams are screen memories of what we were doing while out of body. Don’t worry we are still attached to our physical body and would never not be able to return. There are some scary places on the lower Astral. When I taught the Metaphysics course I would talk about it and told my students if you explore the Astral and find yourself in a scary place call out for me and I will pull you out of there. Although I didn’t remember doing so a few students said they were in a place that was scary, they called out to me and I came and pulled them out.

Even more recently I found myself in Ukraine one night helping people who had died suddenly in a bombing cross over. Civilians and soldiers, Ukrainian and Russian. One Russian soldier refused my help refusing to believe he had been killed. I am sure after a few days of trying to talk to people who would be unaware of him he might realize he was no longer alive. Many people new on the path do this even though they might not remember it. I did it a long time ago so I was surprised to find myself there. But I guess they needed the help of a trauma specialist, so there I was.

The trick is recall. Remembering is not like remembering a dream. I wake up with a feeling. I meditate on the feeling and the images start to appear. the morning after Ukraine I woke feeling a bit agitated and knew something had happened. I sat with the feeling and that’s when I saw what I had been doing. I felt frustrated that I couldn’t help the Russian soldier.

Q: What is the purpose and gain of being a psychic?

A: I take this question to be asking what is the attraction to being a psychic?

It could be ego. It can be money. It can be to help people. It can be to expose people to the spirit world and by doing so help awaken humanity.

I have long thought that more than knowing one’s future what seems to be powerful about psychic readings is the experience of having someone read you and tell you things about yourself you know to be true yet the this person who does not know you knows these things about you. That experience demonstrates to people that there is something more going on than an entirely Newtonian-mechanistic universe. It demonstrates we are something more than a physical body.

Some people will tell you they are all fakes. And I’m sure some are fakes, but they won’t last very long in the business if they are fakes. They certainly won’t get a TV show and wouldn’t want to be in the public eye because they know at some point they will be unable to continually fool people.

But having studied psychics I have found it not to be true. However they have their good days and bad days in the strength of their psychic abilities. What is going on in their personal lives can effect their accuracy. But once you hang out that sign, “psychic readings” you’re stuck whether you are feeling it that day or not. When not I think some psychics consciously or unconsciously fall back on some ways of using questions and clues to give a reading.

Q: So with astral projection, can you astral project to another person? And if you can, can you let them know you're there?

A: Yes you can. You can try to let them know you are there but it has been rarely accomplished.

In a book I read recently there was a case where a woman while out of body unintentionally projected to another person who she was acquainted with from her workplace. He was camping that day. She appeared to him and they had a long conversation. Her physical body was somewhere else yet she was seen as solid by this co-worker in which case it is called bilocation. Once they were both back at work it was confirmed to her that he did see her as a solid being and they did have the conversation which she was unsure and thought it might have been a vivid dream. If she did not appear to him that would be astral projection that was the means by which she went to his location and saw him. If he felt her there but did not see her that would be accomplishing what your question is asking about.

Q: How does a medium protect him/herself from allowing destructive energy/spirits to pass through? What measures are taken to protect oneself when they cross you?

A: They either with a client or before seeing one do a protection/for the highest good prayer before they start. If they are ethical and well integrated spiritually they usually have a high vibration which right there is a lot of protection. If you have a high vibration, spirits with bad intentions won’t get near you. They can’t. It is like they are on another plane and can’t even make it through the door to the psychic’s level. Good energy is 10x more powerful than bad, so there isn’t much of a contest if you do even minimal protection.

Most mediums are doing conscious mediumship which means they do not give control of their bodies to the spirits they communicate with. They use telepathy and put into words what they are getting from the spirit being communicated to the client. Mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

Contrary to Christian beliefs demons (which I don’t believe exist) are not around every corner waiting to possess you. There are negative earth bound entities but they are pretty easily dealt with if you know how. Yes there are other entities that can be harmful but they are usually tied to a location.

Q: How do spirits communicate with mediums?

A: There are two types of mediumship.

Unconscious mediumship is where the entity takes over the medium’s body and speaks directly to an audience or client. The medium is somewhat in the background and mediums describe sometimes being somewhere else entirely while this takes place or it is as if they are in the next room sort of listening but not catching everything that is said.

Conscious mediumship is where the medium stays in the body albeit in an altered state. Communication is either very short sentences or telepathy in which entire thoughts, sentences or concepts are received by the medium who then puts the telepathic communication into words like a translator and when it is words they repeat what they hear.

Q: How can the people who claim they speak to the dead prove they truly can?

A: If they are speaking to someone you don’t know, I don’t know of any way that they can nor can anyone prove that they are not.

However if the dead person is a relative, the relative will often tell the medium something that the medium could not possibly know about them, or about something you and the dead person shared or both knew then there’s your proof.

Example: If grandpa had a red corvette or something that specific, even better if it is something even more unusual and mentions it in a reading well there you go that’s grandpa for sure.

Q: Do spirit guides have more than one person they guide?

A: Sometimes a spirit guide is there for a whole family and are usually an ancestor.