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Nancy Poitou, M.A., M.F.T., C.T.T.S. 

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My new project is my book, 

You May Think I’m Crazy But . . .  

12 of the most common types of spiritual experiences 

and why you are not crazy

I'm currently seeking an Agent or Publisher while I have started writing my second book

Post Modern Metaphysics:

The Unseen World of Energy and Light

When my Kundalini awakening experiences first began I thought my creative mind had jumped the tracks. When the experiences kept happening I feared I was losing my sanity. Fortunately I met a Native American clairvoyant who in our first meeting said, “I knew you in a past life and have been expecting you, what took you so long?” Not one to “refuse the call” and turn down an adventure she became my teacher. Two years later I was teaching a class in Metaphysics at Mt. San Antonio College. I soon realized many students were there because they had had one or more experiences themselves, and I began hearing “You may think I’m crazy but . . .”, followed by the story of an exceptional experience, hence the title of this book. It has been an education and a gift to have heard many stories of exceptional experiences since then, in psychotherapy, at lectures and trainings I have given and emails I received. I soon realized that even one experience could change the course of a life. The many experiences I had changed me and the course of my life. I feel this gift is something I need to pass along to others in You May Think I'm Crazy But . . . 

I’ve been told for many years that I should write a book by people who have heard me speak on these subjects. Well this is that book. I am sending out queries to many publishing agents. You May Think I’m Crazy But . . . is pretty much written and I am currently working on the last chapter and adding to and refining what I have written in previous chapters. Here is a little information on what it is about and why I needed to write it.

Since 1970 research by Greeley and Associates and Pew Research Center has shown an increasing incidence of exceptional spiritual experiences. Recent research by Pew Research Center states, “Nearly half of the public (49%) says they have had a religious or mystical experience. This is much higher than in surveys conducted in 1976 and 1994 and more than twice as high as a 1962 Gallup survey (22%). All the major near death experience researchers have shown that near death experiences lead to positive psychological, emotional and spiritual changes and such changes can lead to challenges in relationships due to a shift in values. The same is true of the many types of experiences I write about and quote in first person narratives.

Perhaps reflecting the awakening of the collective human psyche we have many TV shows and films in which the paranormal, spiritual experiences and the development of super human abilities are either the focus or plays some part in the storyline. It appears there is currently a great interest in spiritual and paranormal experiences. Yet no book I know of has covered the variety of the most common types of experiences and been written for the general public. Research has shown that people benefit  from learning about exceptional experiences by reading them or through videos and documentaries. However most of these have focused exclusively on the near death experiences. In You May Think I’m Crazy But . . . I explore and give descriptions and first person narratives as examples of the 12 most common types of exceptional experiences, including some examples from my Master’s Thesis research and my own experiences. Over the years I have been asked by clinicians, “How do I tell the difference between genuine experiences and psychosis?” I address this oft asked question in Chapter 14 for both clinicians and those who like I doubted their sanity.

You May Think I’m Crazy But . . . shows us with each chapter a class of exceptional experiences that can potentially shake our foundations and call into question our previously held beliefs about our selves and who we really are. It can take believers to a new level of exploration and make beliefs more of a reality to be integrated and lived. This book defines and explores the most common exceptional human experiences, also known as spiritually transformative, spiritual and paranormal experiences. It addresses the problems, challenges and the potential growth and meaning inherent in integration of exceptional experiences. It gives many examples in the words of the experiences and addresses the questions of how to tell the difference between exceptional experiences and psychosis in case you have questioned your sanity after an experience you had.

These experiences, their understanding and integration are more necessary now considering our current state of affairs. Our social and political divisions along with climate change means it is more important than ever for us to question and find answers to who and what we are and for all of us to realize we are something more than the physical bodies we inhabit. The increase in people reporting these types of experiences makes this book needed for society to bring to the surface our true nature if we are going to begin to unify, solve the problems created by war and weapons of war, a lack of human and civil rights, pollution, overpopulation and the overuse of natural resources that has resulted in climate change. These are big problems we can only begin to solve if we are united in values and purpose.

I have taught Meditation since 1988. I facilitated an ongoing monthly meditation group at my private practice for 14 years. As a hospice volunteer I worked with the dying and taught the Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Hospice work to incoming volunteers. I lectured at Pasadena City College, the Southern California Hospice Volunteers Conference, Pasadena Chapter of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Jung Society of Claremont. I was also a part of the San Gabriel Valley Paranormal Researchers while it was active. Known for my expertise in spiritual and religious experience I am consulted by colleagues about the spiritual experiences of clients. 

My background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, two years study with a Native American clairvoyant and one year studying Natural Theology. I has a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family Child Counseling from Pacific Oaks College. I completed a one year internship working with cancer patients and their families at the Wellness Community. I worked 4-1/2 years at a rape crisis center and has been in private practice since 1996. Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2000 and Certified as a Trauma Specialist in 2002, I specialized in trauma, exceptional human experiences, spiritual emergence/kundalini awakening and in existential, religious and spiritual problems. I joined  the Spiritual Emergence Network in 1990.